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Companies and governments increasingly look to enhance their brands with actions that have wider environmental and social impacts. This, coupled with growing pressure to reduce global greenhouse gasses, has ensured voluntary carbon offsetting is now an important tool for reducing unavoidable emissions while supporting wider sustainable development. Hyde consultants connects buyers and sellers to achieve climate mitigation; provide carbon trading and investment services to individuals, corporates and the public sector under Australian Governments ERF scheme, reduce emissions through offsetting.

Consulting specialized in Australian market

•Provide carbon advisory services - trading and investment

•Deliver expert carbon management services

•Maximize carbon and biodiversity benefits in forests

Carbon Products

Offer tailor-made commercial solutions for all carbon intensive industries to manage carbon liabilities through using cost effective carbon credit offsets.

Carbon offsets - Purchase Voluntary Carbon Units (VCUs) from various projects in Australia and overseas, including major international carbon standards

•Verified Carbon Units issued by the Verified Carbon Standard

•Voluntary Emissions Reductions issued by the Gold Standard

•Certified Emissions Reductions from Clean Development Mechanism projects

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